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Requirements analysis and management

  A business requirements analysis is an overall comprehensive declaration of what the project is supposed to achieve. This is a step-by-step procedure to discover, analyze, and document the essential requirements connected to a business project.
  There should be complete agreement about what the clients want and what you are trying to achieve through the project. It is best if this is achieved in the analysis stage itself, so the project can set off in the right direction without any doubt about matching the deed to the need.

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Business process modeling

  By modeling your processes in a visual way, you are increasing the potential for success that your organization will understand their processes and have a foundation for analyzing and improving them and effectively communicating change to all that are affected.
  Intellixoft helps companies bridge communication gaps and deploy processes faster with easy to use process modeling solutions.

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Software Architecture and Design

  Defining the software architecture and design is an initial vital step in building software. We never start work on a new project without thorough design documentation. Without proper architectural plans you are almost guaranteed to experience cost overruns, overdue deadlines and the system will not work the way you want it to.
  Whether you are planning building a new system or integrate your existing infrastructure, we will give you expert advises on how to best optimize your IT infrastructure, build better integrations, optimize and design your software, and to achieve ROI on your systems.

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Data modeling

  Data modeling is often the first step in database design and object-oriented programming as the designers first create a conceptual model of how data items relate to each other.
  Data modeling involves a progression from conceptual model to logical model to physical schema.

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IT Consulting

  Intellixoft provides full IT Consulting Services for all types of businesses. Our experts' goal is to achieve full understanding of our clients' needs in order to be able to provide best solutions from all points of view: efficiency, performance, costs.
  We firmly believe that providing best suitable solutions for our clients is the way of gaining trust and building a successfull future for all sides. We aim to build a team where everyone is a winner.

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Software development

  Our application development approach assumes interoperability, reusability and data integration. Our teams bring a disciplined approach to traditional and Agile project management that provides predictable results and minimizes risks.
  Working side by side with our clients on application and solution design, we deploy enterprise applications built upon best-in-class standards, frameworks and platforms.

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System integration

  Whether you have just acquired another company, own thousands of applications you don’t know how to use, or simply want to enable a new business function, Intellixoft can help. We’re the technology experts who deliver what we promise — every time.

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